i'm 27 now... wait, what?

Saturday, April 01, 2023

i actually don't know how to start this blog post other than stating my constant attempt to be active on here again which has not happened yet for so long already. life happens, as they always say, and indeed it does, but trust me, my yearning to write something on here did not cease. the entire time, i've been wanting to blog again as much as i used to, however, i was finding it difficult to block some time off to sit down with my thoughts and type them away for the blog. maybe this is just how it is. years pass, we grow, and our priorities change. it's never the same anymore. nevertheless, i'm grateful. adulting can be pretty demanding, yes, but i have been enjoying this phase of my life by far.

i'm 27 now, would you believe? i am actually not yet convinced that i am at this age already, but this is a fact and i could not anymore do away with it. haha! as Taylor Bickett's song goes... "i swear sixteen was yesterday, but now i’m closer to 28." 🎶 this line rings so much. i could not resonate more perfectly with it other than at this time of my life. indeed 16 feels like yesterday, and now i am here. i am having mixed emotions about the fact that i am now in my late twenties. whoa! the next thing i know, i might be married already. haha!

anyway, i’ll grab this time to share some photos from my birthday weekend last january. i am not really a huge celebrant of birthdays. i don’t even like parties and big celebrations because they exhaust me. i would usually just treat my birthdays as ordinary days except that the gratitude in my heart is overflowing more than any other days in my life - i am truly grateful that i am given the wonderful chance to live this amazing life.

every year, i celebrate my birthday with my family at home. this year, however, since it was a weekend, i opted to spend it at the beach and called it a birthday weekend. 🥳 that was the first time that i celebrated my birthday away from home. i tagged my mom along because if there‘s only one person i would celebrate my birthdays with, it would always be her. then, there was my cousin who happened to be nearby at that time, so we invited her to go with us. 

we went to a resort in one of the nearby provinces. the timing was perfect because we almost had the place to ourselves. my birthday is a week after the new year, so people were probably still winding down from all the holiday celebrations -  perhaps the reason why there were barely no people in the place at that time. this was actually my second attempt to book with the resort. the first time i tried was back in summer last year for my mom’s birthday. however, it was fully booked so we went with another option.

the place was a real definition of tranquility. it was right beside the beach so i can hear the sound of the waves 24/7 and the gentle blow of the wind was nonstop. i’m not sure if it was like that there everyday or maybe it was just the january weather, but the place was breezy during our whole stay. also, the signal was scarce there, so i really had the time to be in the moment.

i’m happy that i did not only celebrate my birthday, but i also had some quality time with my mom - the woman who endured the pain to bring me into this world. her birth story was actually a bit challenging because i am her firstborn, i was premature, and a breech baby in one. they consider it a blessing that i am able to survive because they barely thought i would. i stayed in an incubator for a couple of weeks before they were able to take me home. this is why i consider life a huge blessing, and i’m immensely thankful for God’s presence in my life since day one.

even if i did not celebrate my birthday with the whole family this year (when i say “family” it’s with the extended family included), it still does not change the fact that i love them to bits and i’m so thankful for them. my family is not perfect for sure, but it is exactly the group of people that i perfectly need on this lifetime.

oh, i think i have blabbed too much already. i must have missed this hobby this much. lol. anyway, if you're still here at this point, hello, thanks for dropping by. i'm happy to see you here and i'm glad to be back here again. most of the blogs that i used to visit here are no longer active, i assume everyone has been pretty occupied accomplishing the mundane but necessary tasks of everyday life trying to be responsible adults. when blogging was still at its hype, we were all just students writing about our monotonous days in school, but here we are now, thriving adults who hardly have the time to hop back in to this hobby again. i'm so proud of where we all have come. there's still a long journey ahead but  we got this!

ending this blog post with a reel that i initially posted on facebook. i could not find my original file. thus, the low quality.

'til then!




  1. happy belated birthday, pretty! enjoy your twenties and do make lots of memories. im going to turn 30 in october :') saying goodbye to my twenties in few months.

    1. hello, Aika! thank youuu! <3 my twenties are the best years of my life yet and i'm definitely enjoying it. the years are going by so quickly. i hope you're having a great time. also, thank you for dropping by. it means a lot! take care!